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What Weird Food Have You Made? Answered

I love weird food and constantly make new things that have never been concieved. What do you make? Here's my brain-shaped cake pops for halloween time.



3 years ago

I love creative/survival cooking.

I once did a 2 day shift as a medic at a big music festival. There were raw eggs for us but no stove to cook them on. So I got the idea to bake them in a toasted sandwich machine(if that is the right name, its the flat waffle maker thingy that you put bread inside) Someone else suggested adding apple and it turned out great. The apple & egg were nice and cooked.

When on a trip with school we were staying in an hotel room with a kitchen. We bought some bacon, eggs & caffeinated coffee. because we had heard that the breakfast sucked over there. When we got to the hotel it turned out that the gas was turned off in the rooms so we could not cook our breakfast. we ended up cooking everything in a coffee maker. We cooked the bacon on the little heating plate and we cooked the eggs in the coffee. It all tuned out better then expected. We just risked it because we would have to throw the food away if we did not cook it.

At home I once repaired fish in the dishwasher when I had a friend over just to try it. It worked but 1 of the 2 bags I put in there broke and was thus inedible due to the soap. Other problem was that all the dishes smelled funky and the leek/onion that was in there with the fish had clogged the filter. Even tough everything was easy to clean I would not recommend this.

I once made a "broken" chocolate cake heart and it was pathetic.

Rice with squash, beef/onion soup mix, and a variety of spices.

Peanut butter on cheese sandwiches. No bread.


3 years ago

I once grilled a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich It wasnt bad I did double the jelly though.

My stove/oven broke but I was determined to find a way to make pancakes without a stove. I had a toaster oven and tried to see if I could bake them. What I ended up with could best be described as slightly sweetened sandwich bread. I regret nothing.

Chocolate ants, using dark chocolate and harvester ants. They tasted like raspberry chocolates, except the legs got stuck in one's teeth.

Bacon caramel apples. We thought this classic treat could use another food group. Can't get enough protein!

My ham-chocolate omelet with sausages dipped in strawberry yoghurt as a side dish could count as weird.

I've been experimenting with "creamed coconut", sugar, butter and chocolate today.


You ought to post those as an instructable!