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What Would You Make With These? Answered

I have a number of these rings. I was given some free fabric samples and these secured them all together, like binder rings but huge. They are 6" across, hinged on one side, with threaded closures along the straight section.  Does anyone have ideas about how to repurpose them? Not much comes to mind except charm necklaces. Maybe something for a Halloween costume?


You could make keychains...

I'd use them to hang a plant from the ceiling

If you were making some kind of leather or metal gauntlet, those could be the frames for it.

Spray paint them black and group 4 of them to make spiders? Punk pumpkin piercings? Ring mail (if you have a lot!). Put them on like bracelets and either wrap with individually with ribbon or put a bunch together and do a under over weave with ribbon to make bracer type arm pieces. Get some silicon and read up on fake wounds and become an accident victim in a binder factory.

Have fun. Nice thing about found stuff is if it doesn't work out, oh well. Post pictures if it works!

I have a ring similar to these that I have had for at least 10 yrs. I use it as a key ring ( I know, BoringZzz) But think. I have never lost it because I put it on the door knob as I come in the house and take it off as I leave. Never lost it. Ever.....

I would make an opening for something to be sewn or crocheted on them, like a larger bag for a laundry basket or a bag to hold plastic bags or fruit or something.

"Necklace" was my first thought as well.