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What You've All Been Waiting For! Answered

since eberyone doubts it here (finally) are the first pictures of part 3 of project firestorm. They may not be good but the camera had basicly no power so I only got these three. they show my foully modded version with collapseable bipod, ammo storage rack and the cellphone sight v2. the ammo storage was inspired by the trifle 18 turret and holds you guessed it 18 bullets. It looks alot like the storm 220/221 v2's and the morreti sr4 by burrito master (sorry if the names wrong). it is true bolt action and was originally made in january (I think) I rediscovered it in june and remade it into what you see here. Well enough talk just see for yourself! ps if you can make from the pictures I'll let you do the instructable pps this won't be posted for ages


sorry, but to me it looks like it sucks

It isn't very original, that doesn't mean its bad.

To someone (me) who has contributed to the knex community and who is well known, I'd say it looks good.

you would probably like my new gun if you liked this logic boy. I probably won't post as an ible though.

well i guess i dont really know untill i build it

i havent been waiting

hehe, my AR-4 v3 has a better scariness factor.

not really, one of the first versions was about one meter longer, when my friend first saw it in one of our wars he ran away XD

if your gun is too long, it would probably decrease functionality.

.....exactly why it looks like it does now, the long barrel wasn't really a problem outside but it made the gun impossible to use inside

this looks really nice! you only have to post it!

I have started to post, but ibles is stuffing up again and it wont save unless it is posted so you can find a piece count and the grip on an ible right now

looks cool but ive never had good experiences with hopper-loaded guns so i wont b building. wats the range?

range is 15-20 meters, also because its bolt action you wont have any problem with the hopper if its open

Amazing! When are you planning on posting?

I dont know maybe next weekend? wow if the jamalam likes it I must be onto a winner

I like the way you pretend to not care. =P jk

first off, I was joking. Second, you just failed.

I called you a hippocrite because you said you hated/didn't use internet sarcasm, and I see a tad of sarcasm in one the above comments.

Well I wasnt being sarcastic at all. You just failed again

I like the way you pretend to not care.

then you put a jk next to it.

I dunno about you, but I call that sarcasm.

If it was sarcasm, I would have put a "/sarcasm" on it. Fail #3.

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And some people wonder why I left this place...

And other people wonder why I left the other place...