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What about adding status post here? Answered

I would like to suggest a post status here just like facebook. I would love to post my update on what's on my workbench or what I am currently cooking or what so ever. What do you think? Please let me know in the comment thanks!


Yea, the status post would be too much like facebook. Next would come the like button, then selfies and 'so cute!' comments. That would all well and good for some people, but to me I specifically like that instructables does not have those features. The fact that it mostly takes social skills and judgement out of the equation is one of my favorite things about instructables.

Plus, your instructables are like your status. If you cooked something awesome, or are really proud of how you've got your bench set up, make an instructable about it. Just take pictures during the process of cooking or whatever you're doing, and then add some text explaining what you did and how you did it. An instructable doesn't have to be something mind blowing like a free energy generator or something. Maybe don't instructabalize every meal you cook, like don't do the exact same "How to make Kraft Mac&Cheese" 400 times but if you want to share meal ideas/creations, that's totally appropriate to instructables. An instructable can sometimes be very quick to make as long as there isn't a lot of technical stuff to explain.

My first thought is: this isn't Facebook.

What you could do is start a micro-blog account like Twitter or Tumblr, and add a link to it in your profile. Add a link to your Instructables account in the micro-blog profile, and you will also drive more views to your work here.