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What air gun(s) do you have? Answered

What air gun(s) do you have? Please list them here. NO AIRSOFT!!


A crossman quest 1000x with a 4x32 centerpoint scope

A Weihrauch HW90K with bushnell 3x9 Sportsman Scope, Hawke laser and Lamp,

And a umarex beretta 92fs (if anyone else owns pm me as having slight rob atm)

Love them both but don't get too use as much as would like.=(booooooo

I have a daisy .177 cal power line 201 with a Weaver scope


7 years ago

I own a Crossman 500x .177 495 fps and an old air rifle I don't know it's model all I know is that it was made in USSR Vostok it doesn't have a safety, it was originally my dads it's a little beaten up but still packs a punch.

I would like to start off this forum by listing my airguns. Modified Custom Crosman 760 Gamo Shadow Express air rifle/shotgun Marksman Shootin' Darts II Private message me with any questions on my modifications to the Crosman.

how do i modify my 66 powermaster its same thing as 760 but differennt look and more powerful

What kind of modification are you talking about? I'll gladly help if I can understand what you want to do.

UPDATE: The Crosman now has a 3-12x 50mm BSA airgun scope and the Gamo has a 4x 32mm Centerpoint scope. Most people would think a 12 power scope is overkill for the Crosman, but when your ten pump goes 900 fps, it's not.

I have a Benjamin Franklin pellet rifle made back around 1963 and it still works.

Then welcome to the great world of airgunning. It's a great hobby/sport.

Daisy spring air, 350 fps

Daisy makes great plinkers, some of the best. Is yours equipped with the 4x15mm scope?

I don't use a scope, the usefull range is pretty low, but I can put a 2 inch group at 20 yards. I'm looking into getting a 1000fps benjamin

cabelas outfitter something something blah blah blah the one for $179 with the wood stock(not checkered) that shoots ~1200fps sweet gun, and the scope is 1-9x or so, top notch if you ask me reccomended.