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What airsoft gun should I get? Answered

I am planning on geting an airsoft rifle soon, I have many choices, but I would like some outside input. My criteria are: - AEG/ Gas (doesnt matter what kind of gas) - Version 2 Gearbox - Full metal/ wood (if applicable) - Under $200 - Reliability - Doesnt matter what type of gun This might seem a bit picky for a n00b, but I want to start off well. If you can help me, it is much appreciated.


out of 10 months of continuous research, all results come to this.


trust me on this, you wont be un-satisfied!

below is a link of one i think you will like
https://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-make-a-leaf-blower-rifle/ besides if you need any more help than that let me know by a message let me know stuff like how it works out,just remeber to rate it in fact before you rate and if it's a lower rating let me know and i will see how i can inprove it ps i am sorry about the picture says a mashmallow gun but it is can also be a bb gun like it is shown on the link besides i need it to be a more viewed bb gun

well in Britain you can get a l85 but i am not sure about USA