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What airsoft sniper should i get? Answered

There a few guns and I was looking at and one is the ECHO 1 M28 sniper that shots 500+ fps and comes with a bipod and is a bolt action spring gun. The other gun is the Airsoft GI I4-A3 DMR airsoft gun. this gun is an automatic and shoots 290-300 fps. The ECHO 1 M28 is $175.00 with free shipping. The Airsoft GI I4-A3 DMR airsoft gun is $355.00 with free shipping and that includes me buying the charger is $35.00 the bipod is $35.00 the battery is $35.00 the gun alone is $245.00. I would like your guys opinion on what gun I should get I will post pics and videos of these guns please rate comment and subscribe. ECHO 1 M28 link http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=7404

Airsoft GI I4-A3 DMR link http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=154_157&products_id=8205


i am buying the AGM0001 it is only 100.00 dollars and it comes with a bipod and scope and it shoots 450 fps and with it being shell ejecting i would probably loose them where we play airsoft we play in sand dunes.

go with the echo, airsoft-gi is way to expensive, just about any gun they sell you can find at a better price anywhere else. also echo is a very good brand from what ive heard. go to  http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/default.asp they have much better prices.

actualy the Echo M28 is 175.00 dollars on any website and gun wraps are 1.00 dollar on airsoftgi.com and on airsplat they are 13.00 dollars

oh, im not sure what a gun wrap is, but i dont like airsplat either, i go with airsoft megastore. althogh i saw a cool derringer on airsoft gi that i didnt find on airsoft megastore

a gun wrap is some thing that will camo your gun im sticking with airsoft gi

ok, it does look like a pretty good site, if i didnt have an account on airsoft megastore then i would probably buy from them

i have an account at airsoftgi and thats it i might have on at airsoft megastore but i never use it

Get a BAR-10 and thank me later.

i dont know i like it but i also like this gun and i like the Leapers MK96

if it were my decicion, I would go with the ECHO1 M28. normally I don't like spring action guns, but echo1 is a very good brand, and when you look at the price difference and very large velocity difference, the M28 is deffinantly the way to go. The airsoft GI is a brand I have not heard of, and with the velocity bieng so low and the price so high, i personally wouldn't even consider purchasing the gun at all. save yourself alot of trouble and cash. you will do just fine with the ECHO1, and look cool if you play with backyarders, and not get laughed off the field if your playing pro.

k im more than likely going to get the rifle.
Also if im gonna be a sniper should i get an assault rifle or a gas pistol or Co2 pistol?

are you talking as a secondary? a good combo for a sniper would be the echo1 gun your looking at, and as a secondary a non-blowback c02 handgun, something like the airmag c11 by crossman would be good if your looking for something cheap that wont need to take much abuse. I'm personally more partial to the non blowback for snipers because there are no moving parts to get cought in your ghillie suit.

k that is what i was thinking of i was looking at some other assault rifle also but i dont know i have a remmington tac 1 shotgun with a red dot a cheap XM8 a crosman stinger P9 and some other crosman that looks like a 1911

that is a good setup depending on what your playing. that is great if your playing backyard against your friends, but try do get into a pro game with that and you'll be laughed off the field. a good setup would be the ECHO1 sniper, airmag c11 gas pistol, and a full ghillie suit. this would be a little much if your just playing in the backyard, but anything where range would be required you will do great with this setup.