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What animal can you put in a ten gallon fish tank? Answered

No fish ! im interested in tarantulas but i dont know if they would be happy in that sized environment thanks



A female would if given food and places to hide, but a male wouldn't. They want to roam and don't live very well in captivity.

I seem to recall there was some bloke here who was growing his own coral reef in a tank, um... here:

Technically corals are animals: Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Cnidaria, Class Anthozoa.

Also I see no reason why a small number of tarantulas could not be kept in a 10 gallon fish tank.  Just don't try to do coral and tarantulas in the same tank, because I don't think that will work.

haha i had an aquarium full of water moving that was a pain so ya i dont want coral


6 years ago

Frogs, Salamanders, turtles. Letting them free roam is better though.

Oh, I know, a bee hive, with a tube leading outside so they can do their business and then come in a give you a buzzzz.

Im not sure if id want bees becuz i dont like to be stung

+1 for the bees. Since it's under glass, it would be like an ant farm, only with bees, a bee farm if you will.  As an added bonus bees make honey.  I've even heard of people raising bees simply for the purpose of harvesting the honey, not merely because they like bees as pets.

Dead or alive?


Darn, I came here to say that :p

A friend of mine kept mice in a 3'x1'x1' tank. They seemed happy enough. Might be too small for anything much larger and more intelligent.