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What annoy's you? Answered

Tell me guys, what annoy's you? 

I'll start

Mini knex
People who think they can dance good but cant
Constantly cracking your knuckles
well you get the point


For me:
Nyan Cat
Code that isn't documented
Whiteboard pens that refuse to work
People who overuse hashtags on Twitter
Website outages
and most of all: negative bank balances :(

What I find annoying is misuse of apostrophes.

How about, people who ask me whats annoying...


the kind of people who are better than everyone else
lady gaga
pretty much all pop music except my chemical romance
all country music no exceptions
pretty much anything thats not rock or metal
scene kids
the sun
mot being able to fly

I think about the last one everyday since I jumped of my roof with a blanket when I was a kid ;)

Yep getting a like a milion stiches was so much fun! ;)

People who don't know how to use punctuation or grammar properly.

Your powers of observation are pretty, um, "special," aren't they? :-)

Specifically, I started typing a reply, then noticing 50+ comments, did a quick ctrl+f "grammar" and found you were already poking at the ridiculousness...

Wow. It'd be awesome if others could learn vicariously from your expertise ;->

Forget vicariously, if some persons "could just learn"....I admit I am not the Grammar king, and I occasionally over use commas, but I do make a valiant attempt at not being too obvious...

:-) I was thinking more about the ability to scan for comments before posting redundantly :-)

After a moment's reflection, I understand. :-) Had to re-read your conversation with frollard to remember the context *sigh* I really have forgotten most "grammar rules" but have a general feel for what is correct and what is not. Still, for those that argue over the use of who and whom, or remember from school the defition of a gerund without looking it up....well, I will fail in their eyes I suppose :-)

With regard to your subsequent comment Ideas and meaning can only be communicated imperfectly and with great misunderstanding, without the use of proper language.
I don't really understand what annoys you, because your use of language (above) doesn't make it perfectly clear.

Is it people who can't be bothered to use punctuation or grammar properly?
Is it people who can't be bothered to learn how to use punctuation or grammar properly?
Does it include people who are infants, brain-damaged, senile, demented etc. who genuinely don't know how to use punctuation or grammar properly?


Those who can't be bothered, being too lazy or self-absorbed.

I'd go with that certainly, but also the 2nd.


Still, I make mistakes. Then sometimes I try to write like Faulkner's stream of consciousness to make a point. Yes, Im still learning in my third language.
I do have help, my wife is a retired 4th grade US teacher.

Please feel appreciated, when I raise your ire, to let me know.


No one irates me, (everything is beautiful, I am happy...)


People who think that punctuation and grammar are more important than ideas and meaning, which can be communicated quite nicely, without--proper, punctuation: or-perfect: grammar: or speling.

Ideas and meaning can only be communicated imperfectly and with great misunderstanding, without the use of proper language. If you don't understand that, then perhaps you haven't had any reason or desire to communicate your ideas clearly.

Playing devil's advocate, errors of the type committed by OP really *don't* hinder understanding...

Mostly true, of course. The obfuscation caused by linguistic mistakes scales with the amount of useful information to be presented.

Not *necessarily*. The type of error(s) is also important. I think we can agree that grammatical/syntax errors cause much more confusion than mere typos, misspellings, or incorrect punctuation; all but the very grossest of these present only a minor annoyance and do not seriously impede comprehension or communication (as shown by that silly "Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy..." thing). The identity of the screwed-up words can almost always be ascertained if it's just poorly spelled and punctuated, while errors/unintended uses in grammar can completely change the actual meaning of perfectly spelled and punctuated words.

A picture.

A tone of voice.

A tear.

A mispelled word.

A mispronounced word.

A badly phrased sentence.

Or that most serious sin: bad punctuation.

All, can communicate perfectly and with great understanding to those who are paying attention to intention and not obsessed with fashionable form.

Ideas and meaning can be communicated imperfectly and with great misunderstanding even with the use of proper language. I have seen you do it.

If you don't understand that, then perhaps you haven't had any reason to listen to what others are clearly saying to you.

That must make it hard for you to be by yourself.

Haha yeah I must say I don't use grammar or punctuation that often.

And people who don't notice sarcastic broadsides.

haha +1 for cats

It annoys me when someone crowds me in the check-out line at the grocery store. I don't like someone's cart bumping up against my backside and I want to punch in my pin number without a stranger looking over my shoulder.

It also annoys me when people use the word aggravate for annoy. Thank you patriots888 for using it correctly =) And thanks for the opportunity to vent!

How 'bout how Instructables has become Flicker as of late.
YA, I know the photo contests bring traffic which helps with add revenue. But how does it help show people how to.

Let's see, these all annoy me:

Lists of things that annoy people..... ;-)

Attitudes of annoyance of "other's" interpretation of art forms (like dancing,

Painting, sculpture, etc)

Chatting about the weather....

I see my first one was "lost" because the sarcasm didn't come across well.....

Haha it's ok. I think I read it to fast and missed the ;-). But I must say, weather chatting is extremely annoying :)