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What are 10 things you must do before you die? Answered




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 maybe if you read z book "Before I die" you'll get some ideas......................

do u no z 1 i mean??

1. You MUST answer this question FIRST before you make your list.... Is there a God,   or is Evolution true?   Because EVERYTHING hinges on that question.  I found MY answer to that question in the Bible book of Romans.

2.  Live my life as though  I will receive rewards or punishments when I meet my maker.  Not as though I am just a short lived evolved-animal that  cares only about self-fulfillment.

3.  Learn what talents and gifts God has given me. Everyone's are different!

4. Then do my best to use those talents to fulfill God's purpose in my life.

5.  Live my life.  That is to say... Don't get so caught up in RELIGION that I forget God gave me a LIFE to live and enjoy and be happy!....  Not negative and critical of everyone else who has made WRONG choices of what to do with THEIR life.

6.  Overcome worry, fear, anger, jealousy, impatience, hatred, judging others, and negativity in my life as best i can and with God's help. 

7. Go on a vacation and see the western U.S.A. I have never seen.

8.  Get an education and a good paying career so i can support my family.
(This i have accomplished).

9.  Help homeless or poor people (and the planet),by figuring out methods to heat and cool a house (for low or no cost)... using UNDERGROUND 60 degree temperatures. (This i have almost accomplished, instructable coming).

10.  Look back on my life with a smile and happy as I await death.. knowing i will soon meet my Maker. and knowing I have FULFILLED God's purpose in my life!   Then i will die, and He will say to me, "Well done, good and faithfull servant."    Matthew 25:21

If you answer QUESTION ONE the otherway.... you will only make this world a better place to go to hell from.  So, answer question 1 very carefully!!!

How can anyone resist clicking on this question?

1) Quit making lists.  I might die today.

Or at least don't spend a lot of time making and worrying about lists.

Most to-do lists are best constructed on an ongoing basis, tacking things onto them as they occur to you and removing them as they get done.

My #1 is "leave the world a better place, even if only slightly." #2 is "enjoy life." I think that pretty much covers it.

Best answer I've heard to that question.

ya but its interesting 2 read wen im jst wondering

Hmm, good question.

1. Go to Venice / other awesome country that you've always wished you'd go to.

2. Learn how to fly a plane. They have serious flight simulators for learning how. Expencive lesson, but fun.

3. Have a wife and a child.

4. Get the best job you think possible. Even if it's becoming Prime MInister of Australia, go for it. If you really, really, reeaaally want something, and you do whatever you can to get it, you'll get it.

5. Live in your dream location / house.

6. Go around the world in 80 days. No less.

7. Help some kid in Africa.

8. Do what ever you want. For one day. No matter who it pisses off. I don't recommend anything illegal though.

9. Learn another language. Then learn a computer language. Then go on threads and correct people's grammar on each.

10. Make an awesome invention that will revolutionize the world, get famous, pretend to take drugs then say you were faking it because you thought it would be funny.

11. Do this list.

Ooh! Forgot; quit smoking. Or help some one in your family quit smoking if you don't smoke.

 The most important thing in my opinion is: Tell the people that you love, that you love them.