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What are Michigan laws regarding Tobacco products Answered

Hey Everyone, I'm from Northern Michigan and Ive really been putting some thought into starting a small head shop (tobacco smoking pipe shop) and I am having a hard time finding laws or restrictions to commercially market this type of product. I'm pretty sure there is laws and regulations to abide by. If you have any web sites that can help me out or know any ways of obtaining this type of information, please help me out. Thank you all for your help :)


I think he is asking about selling pipes sans tobacco.

He said tobacco smoking pipe shop, but "smoking paraphernalia" appears in the document in CAPS on page 4. Also page 5 "(pipes, cigarette paper or similar items)"


Since this may vary by town, I would recommend going into your town's office and asking them whether they could advise you on how best to find the laws, bylaws, etc. which would apply to a tobacconist.

I agree. The go to the county and then the state. You'll likely have to have a license to sell and a city, county, state, fed tax number so they can each get their share.