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What are all the parts I need to build a desktop computer? Answered

I know how to put a computer together but that was about 6 years ago and I want to make sure I have everything I need for a modern computer.



Best Answer 9 years ago

If you buy a mainboard you'll have most of what you need in a box. You'd then need some appropriate RAM, and a CPU/cooler package. PSU that'll supply enough power. A case is probably a good idea, but you might already have one (ditto keyboard, mouse, monitor) And you want at least 1 large harddrive and combination CD/DVD drive. Maybe a combination card-reader too. If you want high-end graphics, you'd want at least one graphics card (mainboard will have graphics on it usually, sound, network, and other stuff that used to go in the PCI slots) And software. But if you're asking the question you may be better-off buying one ready-built? L

What type of computer do you want. Gaming, media, office.

I want a super fast computer with everything I can get. It will be used for Gaming but mostly for average stuff.

for gaming, an AMD processor (more than 2.7 gHz and atleast a dual-core), an NViDA GeForce 9400 GT video card, at least 4 gb of RAM, and 500 gb HDD (dont even bother with SSD, they are way to expensive). that covers the basics. youll still need a power supply with a high enough max watt, a motherboard that supports the above items, some case fans for cooling, a heatsink for the processor, and a case.

Are you sure you need a super fast computer if its only being used for average type applications? Otherwise a super fast computer can cost over $3000

hard drive, motherboard, ram, disk drives, case, ribbon cables, power supply that matches the board and devices, fans, power switch (should be installed in case. that's about it screwdrivers and pliers and such would be nice. be careful and make sure you have no bare wires i fried my whole comp thanks to a small section of bare fan wire!!!! always touch a large metal object of sorts before touching a computer board of any kind (discharge static)!!!!!!!!!!