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What are different ways to make loud sounds with my mouth (and hands)? Answered

I've heard of: -cupping hands to blow air into "O" shaped mouth, making a loud echo -making a water drop sound by mouthing "wow" while flicking the side of cheek -blowing on a small piece of paper to make an annoying whistle and -snapping paper


umm clap, use hands as a mega phone and yell, screaming works umm why do you need to know this?

interweave your fingers, then push the 'heel' of your hands (the bit between your palms and wrists) together- forming a chamber. your thumbs should touch, but not overlap. now blow between your thumbs- if you did it right, you'll make a sound like and owl (this is difficult- it can take months of practice before you get your hands in the right place) or just hold a megaphone in your hands and sneak up on a sleeping parent/friend/sibling/pet and shout!!


9 years ago

I don't know if you'll understand but try making a "eeeeeeeeee" sound as high piched as possible. Put soe force into it. Also it's not loud but cup your hands and whisle high pictche but not completely like blowing almost. I makes a windy haunting noise.