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What are exotic pieces? Can you give me a list of them? Answered

I have seen knex posts that say no exotic pieces. I know of some but can i have a list?


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Best Answer 9 years ago

Exotic parts would be:

  • Hinges
  • Ball joints
  • Roller coaster track
  • Bendy rods (any bendy rod)
  • Black rods (gray rod, but stronger)
  • Long white clear rods (same as black and gray rods, but even stronger)
  • Blue caps
  • Wheels
  • Several types of motors

I myself have:
  • Hinges (6)
  • bendy rods(green and orange) (7 greens, unknown oranges)
  • Black rods (3, but lost one of them)
  • blue caps (maybe 6)
  • wired remote knex motor (1)

I hope this helps.

8 years ago

after expeirience i know some exotic pieces like #bendy rods #all motors #blue clips and caps #carbon rods #alternate color rods and connectors(?) #chain links #roller coaster ties and tubing #ball and socket(?) #ball halfs #hinges Ones that you got wrong #tan clips #y connectors #wheels.

Not all motors are rare. Knex throws in crappy motors in some of their value tubs.

i think the worst motor in the silver one. The really fast one but a zero torque.(not the terrain trekker!)

That my friend is true. the trekker Is THE ULTIMATE motor.

A list of exotic pieces would be: Y connectors black and blue hinges ball joint connectors ball joints tan clips blue clips green flexi rods yelllow flexi rods blue flexi rods purple flexi rods head caps Hope this helps.

Y connectors and tan locks are not exotic, I can find them in any set I buy.

but still, all they have to do is buy a large-ish knex set from a toy store, there should be about like 5 Y connectors.