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What are good materials and/or techniques I can use to diffuse or "spread" a LED's Light? Answered

i wanted to do some cool things with LEDs but i want to diffuse the LED's light in order to light up the biggest amount of area while using the least possible amount of LEDs and electricity.



 using a lens is uselss as led light is already directional.  you need a diffuser; a plastic "lens" that fits OVER the led and spreads the light.

Drill a hole in a ping pong ball, the size depending on the led, and hot glue the led in. I haven't actually tried this method myself, but I am told that it works really well and make a really nice diffused glow.

what I used is the parabolic mirror from a flashlight take the light bulb out and stick the led in with some clay if you have to that get's pretty dang bright

I like to use Rustoleum Frosted Glass spray paint, its with the normal spray paint at the hardware store

Reflect the light with a mirror or colored background. Diffuse the light using a translucent intervening material like a light shade. Probably both, with a thin box with one side translucent paper, the back a mirror and the leds in the center.

Maybe buy a cheap flashlight or use a broken one and pillage its lens and reflective backing.

put in some translucent silicone!

....I was thinking hot glue as well.....if it were going to be in an old light bulb or something, you could use white glue and paint the outside.....