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What are medals and how do you get them? Answered

I've seen several medals that different instructables members have gotten. It shows up just to the right of your profile picture when you comment. Then when you hover over them it tells you gold medal, 100+ instructibles featured etc. I was wondering how you get them, and what exactly they are. I origionally thought that when you reach certain points that you automatically got them. But then I've had one featured and I haven't got the bronze medal for 1+ featured. I also reached 10,000 views and haven't gotten that bronze medal either.


El Ape

1 year ago

I joined at the end of May and have published 3 ibles, each has been featured and I have a medal for each I believe, though I have no Idea what the medals are about. If I get 20 medals do I win a prize :P

Hover over them again. They are pretty self explanatory. You get the medals for having X number of featured instructables, X number of views on your instructables and X number of comments in the forums and Q&A sections. It's all about your contributions to the site. I'm sure there is a time requierment involved as well. You've only been a member of the site for a short time.

okay but what are some of the specifics for example, how long would you have to be a member. cause I've been a contributing member for 6 months

I would guess a year but the moderators will know better than i. You'll likely hear from them in the next several hours.

I'm sure you'll have to have more than one featured to get the featured medal. Your also just barely over 10K views which could fall outside the minimum.