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What are my options for cutting through a mountain bike frame? Answered

I don't have access to a cutting torch, so I'm wondering, what could I use (cheap as possible!) to cut through the steel frame of an old mountain bike I have?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Mountain bikes and the like are often made from either a steel, aluminum or titanium alloy which can all be cut with above stated Hacksaw or a Reciprocating Saw and even a Die Grinder with a cuttoff wheel which can usually be found around the house or borrowed. Please follow all safety precautions when using any power or hand tools.

4" angle grinder with cutoff wheel. You can also get grinding wheels and flap wheels to add to it for a truly versatile tool. You'll never know how you got by without one.

That's the perfect excuse to be off to the cutting torch store!

Superman, cyclops, gazerbeam...

Angle grinder. if not that, put a metal cutoff wheel (looks like the wheel on said grinder) into a chopsaw.


9 years ago

i used a metel saw (A metel saw is used just for cutting metal)

Hacksaw would work too, of course.

Pipe cutter... they are under $10 at any hardware store.
Something like this... you can get them smaller also.