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What are possible uses for weak batteries? Answered

A followup on my previous question, sort of...

I have about 150 old semi used 1.5v AA batteries that don't have enough juice in them anymore to power anything significant.
One can only have so many Joule thief powered LEDs, and it's a shame to dispose of them all. 

So the question is, what would YOU do (*Pointing at you!*) with those batteries?

Thanks for any and all suggestions!

Please provide an instructable if applicable :D


if you break them open and break up the black material around the center rod, you can mix it with hydrogen peroxide and you will form pure oxygen.

You know those potato guns or air cannons? they are easy to make and you have 150 bullets. :-)

I'm not gonna shoot the batteries. Ground water is polluted enough.

I think they would fit in a 1/2 inch PVC pipe.
One thing we have not seen on CSI (In case you don't know the show its an American show about Crime scene investigation) is death by battery. "Somebody put a AA energizer through his heart, he didn't keep going after that."

I just checked, 3/4 inch with a space left.

Oh the things that come to mind, "He expired but his battery is still good for another year".

He's dead Jim, and so is his double A.

"He had a double A bypass the hard way"

"I think the Bunny did it."

"He really needed to recharge."

This question is number 7 in the Google search results for "death by double A battery"

I like those punch lines. They are very CSI like indeed :)


Unfortunately, where I live they don't exactly recycle old batteries, they bury them in special (toxic material) landfills. :(
That's why I said it would be a shame to dispose of them.

Well, if you decide to open them up you will be exposed to toxic chemicals. Do you have the proper gear to handle the chemicals you will be exposed to?

The great majority of these batteries are Alkaline batteries, so they don't have anything too bad in them. A pair of gloves and safety goggles are enough.
Why, what did you have in mind?

Then by all means go ahead and share with us your projects.


5 years ago

I used to extract the carbon rods for experimental rectifiers.