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What are some compact arrangements for using materials when plein air painting? Answered

I haven't been plein air painting very long, and managing all the 'stuff' while painting feels really awkward. There's got to be a better way!   I'm working on small paintings without an easel - usually in the front seat of a car, or sitting on a rock in the wind. 

 I've seen the nifty  Instructable Altoid paint boxes and tiny brushes.   Ok.... So there you are on a breezy park bench with your paint box., sketch book, rag or paper towel, water, brush, and palette...  You're sitting between two old Italian ladies. Your brush is in one hand, and your sketch book or palette is in the other hand.  Where is all the other stuff?   



Best Answer 7 years ago

Put the prepared palette on your (off hand) thumb or held in the palm of the hand, then hold the sketch book/canvas between that hand and your body, with some support from your leg and/or arm. Your primary hand is free to draw/paint/re-arrange the surface.

Aha! This is what I need. Thank you!!
It never even occurred to me to put the palette and sketchbook in the same hand. I'll definitely try it out!

The next obvious question is...where is your water? Any advice or words of wisdom on how to manage any other equipment would be welcome.

I haven't tried those... thanks for including the url! The instructable for making them out of kiddie paint pens looks like an inexpensive way to start.

I think I mean non studio painting with no table or easel and very minimal horizontal surfaces.

The toolbox is amazing! Good idea! I've been in situations (meadows) where it would have been perfect!

Here, though, I'm thinking more in terms of cramped spaces (sitting in a car) or places where something that big wouldn't be stable because of slope or wind (sitting on the one almost level place on top of a rock).