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What are some cool activities to do with teenagers that they will find fun and interesting too? Answered

I have a 15 yr-old son and a 13 yr-old daughter that my husband & I have difficulty in finding activities that all of us will enjoy together. We're on a very tight budget & that limits what we can do also. I'd love to hear any suggestions & ideas!


Alot of schools are starting archery clubs and hosting compititions. It seems to be really popular and is catching on everywhere in the U.S. I've watched several compititions on the outdoor channel. Even the ones that lost the compititions seemed to have a blast.

if you have a wii then guitar hero is pretty fun, and its easy to pick up, one night and youll be jamming real good

Apples to Apples is a game that my friends and I play all the time. Almost every time we get toghether, that comes out, and it is great for almost anybody.


9 years ago

as a 17 yr old guy, I recommend airsoft. boys like guns, and surprisingly, so do most girls if their being honest. airsoft is very cheap so long as you don't go out and buy the $1,000 guns. Any sports outfitter should have some decent guns for around $20-$40 and most come with eye protection. They should last for a long time as long as you treat them right. "Ammo" (the plastic bb's used) are very cheap and any time is good for an airsoft skirmish (just as long as it happens outside). My whole family, including my mom and sister, used to have airsoft fights in our back yard and we always had a blast doing it.

You need to pick an activity that includes common interests. I have two boys, aged 15 and (soon to be)13. We hunt, fish, boat, hike and camp together. After years of accumulating equipment, it really only costs us gas money to get where we're going. My kids enjoy helping elderly people. Sometimes we pick a "little old lady" that needs some help. We work on their yards, cut firewood, or just take them a pie. It's fun, productive and builds character. Board games and card games are really under-rated. Pop some popcorn, turn off the tube, and play. When they're little, you have to cut them a little slack. But at 13 and 15, I say "Show no mercy!" Pick a series of movies, and have a marathon. Our favorite is probably Indiana Jones. The whole family camps out in the den, eats pizza and popcorn, and sleeps in late the next morning.