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What are some good acting tips? Answered

In the middle of march this year Im trying out for the drama class in my school. Yes, you have to audtion to take the class. what are some tips and things I can do to get prepared. I really want to make it!!!!

I just got the instuctions for the auditions. its monday and the auditions are next monday!! Help! I need to choose a mologue and perform it!!! give me some options plzzzz




Thank you guys so much for all the comments. Audtions were Monday 3/5 and today I found out the results. Sadly I didnt make it, I think its my voice, but it doesnt matter at least I had the courage to try. Without you guys i wouldnt have had the oportunity. There is no best answer... They all are and they ALL helped me :) thank you and well no drama as my elective class well Im taking dance now... I can actually do that :)

Guys Please look at the question again i added something elsse... PLZZZZ i need help... i have a week

When you are acting forget about you just think about the person you are acting be the person you are acting

I also forgot to put, I was born with a cleft palate and it's closed now but my speech is a little different. My z and s come out really bad and even my I. So also speech tips are good cause speech therapy doesn't work... But otherwise I look and act like any of u so plzzzzz help!!

Almost anything can be improved with practice, so maybe you could try reading books aloud or sing along to music while focusing on the parts of speech you feel you have some difficulties with. I would also suggest that you get re-evaluated and consider giving speech therapy another try while you are still young.

I found a website with some information (in a pdf document), meant for teenagers who've had cleft palate surgery. Some of the things they talk about is regular ear checkups as you are more susceptible to infections etc, that can have an affect on your speech. There are also many other topics discussed in the document, so give it a read.

Also remember that no one is perfect. There are people who are deaf, with very limited speech that are successful actors. Marlee Matlin is one, and you might want to google her for more information. So don't be too hard on yourself. You'll be more successful with your audition if you go with some confidence and focus on your abilities.

Practice. Imagination and a fairly good sense of observation (watch other people).

Practice reading so you are confident and fluent. this will also allow you to practice those letters you have problems with - Listen to your self - Recording is a great way to do this. (I hate the sound of my voice). practice using various "voices" different pitch, speed, emphasis in your speech.

Watch/observe other people, how they behave, what they say, what it sounds like.

Listen to professionals critically think about how they are saying things rather than what they are saying. Analyses.


You can go one of two ways - don't act, or over-act. That is, just be yourself, plonked into the play's context, or ham it up as a completely different person.

Either way, I have found that any activity on stage works better if your voice sounds to you to be just a little bit loud, and a little bit slow. It makes it a lot easier for your audience to understand you.

You're probably going to get a random, short script to read at the audition. As far as general tips, I would suggest NOT to over-act. You want your performance to be believable, so you have to put yourself in the characters shoes (so to speak) and put some realistic emotion into the words. Its not something you can force. Try practicing a range of emotion. The words can be the same each time, but try saying them with anger, sadness, excitement, etc until it sounds and feels natural. Utilize some friends or family as an audience or ask someone who's been in the drama class to coach you.