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What are some good arts and crafts for a pre-k class????? Answered

I work with my moms summer pre-k class and i want to know good arts and crafts to do with them somethimg easy and u dont have to spend so much money on any materials.


I also have been making glue ornaments.  I found this one online, and tweaked it a bit.  I had 3 diff kinds of glue and got 3 diff results. 

You need a non porous surface, mine was the lid of a cookie tin.  Then you can use a marker (sharpie works best, but maybe crayola for the kids) and color on the surface.  Then squeeze the glue into your shape. Let dry overnight.  The glue gets solid and picks up the ink all through the shape.  The tutorial I found was for a snowman; I have also made some nice stars. 

StyroGlue stayed just sticky enough on the back to make window clings.  I had some glitter glue that got hard and I think I'll punch a hole for ornaments, but they warped just a bit.  I would make an 'ible, but it's not my idea, I found it on ehow...

Pipe cleaner sculpture.  I had a pack of pipe cleaners and a few coworker's kids here that didn't want their own toys.  I took out pipe cleaners and started twisting them around my fingers and became a hero!  They took over and I saw boats and flowers and...abstract.  Then glue magnets to the back...

Give them some paper and let them do what ever there hearts content is..

umm fingerpaints is a good idea. for the holiday area making those little fingerpaint handprint turkeys with paper feathers is a good idea. all they gotta do is glue and get messy. kids love that

Thanks guys i will try all again thanks it is hard to pick the best cause they were all good thanks

Mix flour, salt, and powdered tempera paint- mix to a paste consistency- they can fingerpaint with it, or squeeze it out of plastic baggies with a corner cut off. It's got a great consistency for them, and when it dries, the salt makes it sparkly.

Dyed pasta is also GREAT- https://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_Dye_Dry_Noodles/
I got ziti and used it to make necklaces, alphabet pasta to spell names, and other interesting shapes- you can cut picture frames out of cardboard, have them paint them and glue pasta on, and then put a picture of each kid in the middle (do that LAST, so they wont paint on the picture!)

You can also get contact paper (the clear kind, that's sticky on one side). You can have them stick colored tissue paper, yarn, or colored cellophane if you can get it (I used old sample theater gels).- then put another piece of contact paper on top, punch a hole in it and tie a string, and you can hang it in a window.

Also, not to betray Instructables, but... Family Fun has some of the best, most practical arts-and-crafts ideas (and games!) that I've found anywhere. http://familyfun.go.com/arts-and-crafts/