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What are some good pumpkin recipes? Answered

This is sort of an interesting story. The Halloween of last year, our family went out and bought several pumpkins for the typical Jack-o-lanterns. We carved them on top of our backyard picnic table. When we where done, we pushed off all the seeds and insides off the table (Just like any one else would). But now, almost 6 months later, a whole new pumpkin patch grew giving us so many pumpkins! (both regular and miniature). It took up about 1/4 of our primary backyard. I need some good recipes /ideas to do with all these pumpkins. I would hate to see them going to waste.


The small ones you can just cut in half, scoop out, and bake like an acorn squash. I like to put a little butter, brown sugar, nuts and raisins in the cavity. It's best to cover the cavity with foil if you add the nuts and raisins so they don't dry out. It also helps to soak the raisins in OJ or wine for a couple of hours beforehand.

The big ones can also be baked in pieces and used in recipes like pumpkin cheesecake (make the crust out of crushed ginger snaps instead of  - you won't be sorry).

See also this:

sell them, make them into pies then sell the pies (of course keep some for your family, stew, smoothies and much more just experiment (you have enough pumpkins)

I really like this one, but then I'm biased.

This may be of some help. http://www.pumpkinrecipes.org/