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What are some good sewing Instructables? Answered

I used to sew quite a bit... 20 years ago.   Now I once again have a sewing machine (!!!) and I'm looking for a few good projects to get me back in the saddle. (Or on the treadle.)  Smaller, but not too basic projects would be best.  I'm not exactly a beginner, but I know I've forgotten a whole lot.

Difficulty:  I'm a guy.  So anything with phrases like "...into a dress" or "adding ruffles to..." or anything else exclusively feminine is not going to pique my interest, though I can probably be persuaded to make a squid hat or an unusual plushie.  


What was the most difficult thing you've ever sewn?  What was something you could sew quite easily?

It might give some idea as to what might be a good project. 

If I were starting back, I'd sew some totes, "fancy" pillows/pillow cases (as far as stitch work not beads and sequins), curtains, or really anything that would be useful around the house like a dude apron although I'm not a dude.  Actually I'd probably sew myself a modified lab coat for cooking.  lol

Probably the most complex thing ever was a button-in lining to a coat using the original as a pattern.  Pillows used to be pretty basic, though it would probably do me (and my livingroom) some good to practice making a couple just to get the feel for stuff.

A dude apron is a great idea!  (As long as I don't get carried away and start wiring it for electricity and secret compartments.)


I'm a guy, and I sew, too! I design and make unique/ funky leather hats and masks, including the aviator in my avatar! Right now, I don't share or sell patterns at this time.  Not too "girly"!  Here are some examples of my work: 

Leatherhead Masks 045.jpgDSCN2113.JPGDSCN2895.JPGLeatherhead Masks 025.jpgDSCN2971.JPGDSCN3134.JPG

They look fantastically awesome.  I'm eagerly looking forward to reading and Instructable or two showing off how they're made.

I know the knee jerk thing in Answers is to post a snarky, "This site has a search box" response, (I've done it myself) but you'll notice that there are 2,000 hits to that search, there is no "sew -girly +'for boys' -'too easy'" parameters for searches.  I know it's hard to believe, but I did in fact try that first.

Which is exactly why I'm asking for recommendations.

And from now on I'm going to temper my snarky comments even more.

Try refining your search to the topics that interest you in sewing. I've got a great warm denim quilt, made from my old jeans by my sons (with a little assistance from my darling wife....) A very manly project I think, works great thrown in the back of the Landrover.


The question wasn't too specific, I'm saying "you know best" (while you're not saying what it is you want to sew)


I rather like alittlestranger's projects, especially the monster scarf. And of course there's always the lovely and talented jessyratfink, who has quite a few good sewing projects posted. If you're into costumes, check out Seamster's stuff. He's even a guy. Finally, there's giannyl, whose sewing how-to videos are very popular with guys, even guys who have no interest in sewing at all....

My name is RMS. I'm a guy. And I sew.