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What are some things that you can do with a Propeller that you can't do with an Arduino or other microcontroller? Answered

just wondering what kind of stuff the instructables users can come up with.


Can do that no other uC could do - nothing. Can do a lot easier than any other uC - lots. The thing I really like is the RCA video output.

can you think of any specific projects you've done that would be worth while? the problem is that I don't want to learn spin if the only thing I'll get is tv out. is there a C compiler for it? I mainly want to know the different things I can do with the propeller instead of the arduino because I already know how to program on the arduino. thanks for the input!

I haven't actually done anything with it, I just really like it. Unless you really need TV out, I wouldn't bother.

. Mount it on your beany!

. Sorry, I couldn't resist.