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What are the bet headphones I can get for 100 dollars? Answered

So previously I asked what the best audiophile headphones were for 100 dollars or less and everyone agreed that such headphones do not exist for that price range.  Now I just want the best I can get for under one hundred. 

P.S. I'm looking for ear cup, over the head headphones, not the kind you put in your ear.



may i suggest ultimate ears by logitech?


8 years ago

You're asking a question that no one but you can actually answer correctly. What is best for me may not be best for you.
For example, I have tinnitus which affects the way I hear and distinguish sounds.  I prefer a rich, but not overwhelming bass response, you may not. I like soft, but not cushy, ear pads. I am not particularly concerned about style, that may be important to you.
I could go on, but what it comes down to is that you need to determine what is important to you and then go to a store and actually test out some of the products available. You don't even have to buy them there, although it would be a good starting place.
My suggestion is, you figure out what features you really want and then search for those that meet your preferences, not forgetting that durability is also important feature.
With all that said, I like Grado sr80i headphones.
Good luck.

'best' is widely subjective.

I have these headphones: Sony Dj-500's

They are loud enough for personal use (or outside) and have a nice long cable so I can still roll around on my computer chair while staying plugged in.