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What are the brightest RGB LEDs. How could I string 24 for them together with out wall power? Answered

Build a light design. 24 RGB LEDs in a square. 8 inch circles. Frosted Plexiglass. I need this thing to roll on coasters though so I was hoping to have a strong battery that I could light these with and then recharge the battery after wards like a jetski battery. Thanks new to electricity.


16 is a square (4x4)
25 is a square (5x5)

...24 is not a good square :(

If you want the ability to program/change the leds, I recommend the shiftbright module. They allow you to string them together daisy chained and then input (shift) instructions down the line with a microcontroller (such as arduino, very well supported).

If you know nothing of what you're doing to start with, go with a ready-made solution as it will save you a LOT of hassle.
They are 4.99 usd each, but drop to 3.99 each if you buy 25. (totally reasonable price especially for how much time they'll save, and the cost of the parts/board/assembly/configuration of your own stuff)

*and they're 5-8 volts compatible, so an RC toy battery 7.2v is common and inexpensive/quickly interchangable.

If the 60mA version is too small, there is the 300mA MegaBrite http://macetech.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=9
8 bucks each in quantity, but ridiculously brighter.

The brightest is mush controlled by how much your willing to spend.

Have a search through so electrical suppliers.

battery supply is possible - These sites may help a lot.




It's not possible to give any real figures now because we don't at this stage know what LEDs your going to use.