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What are the cheaper possible methods of compressing a gas without using reciprocating or rotary compressor? Answered

We are working on a project to compress a producer gas(N2: 50.9%, CO: 27.0%, H2: 14.0%, CO2: 4.5%, CH4: 3.0%, O2: 0.6%). It is just like a bio-gas. It can be used as a cooking gas or for any heating purpose. Any cheaper methods to compress such gas costing low price?


Yo, if you've got a good storage medium try filling the gas in a polythene airtight container. Then dip it into a liquid nitrogen bath (liq. N2 is not expensive but, of course, you'll need to compress your gas at the source of the liq N2). Let the gas liquify and pour it in your (much smaller) reservoir container... Calculate the pressure accurately and hopefully it won't blow up.

I suppose you can compress in batches by filling a piston with the gas and apply force to the other end (if you use a vertical piston this could be done by applying weight). Once sufficient pressure is achieved bottle it and close the bottle. This would be like a one-way reciprocating compressor :p

HOW compressed ?

Its usually delivered at very few cms of water.


Offhand I can't think of a way that would be cheaper than the mentioned methods. In fact I believe those to be the easiest and most economical ways. They might be the only useful ways available to you.

You could super cool the gas until it turned into a liquid then contain it.  As it warmed up the pressure would increase.

You could transport the gas to a planet with a heavier atmosphere then contain it.  The pressure would be higher when you brought it back to earth.

But neither of these two ways are going to be cheap or practical.

A savings can be made by using the most efficient motors and least expensive energy available.