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What are the effects of viscosity,humidity,density and flow rate in industrial instruments Answered


This is a homework question ?

There's a contingent of users in Asia who think this site is some kind of manufacturing / industrial-process encyclopaedia.



6 years ago


Sticky, wet, heavy and windy. Now go do some actual research. The library should be somewhere on campus, probably a big building with the word LIBRARY on a sign somewhere nearby.

Many and varied.

The question is impossible to answer properly without knowing what sorts of fluids you are talking about, and what sorts of "industrial instruments".

However, rather than ask somebody else to do your homework for you, I suggest investigating the effects for yourself, using simple flow-models (eg the time it takes for vegetable oil to drain through a hole at different temperatures). Inform your experimental design by researching the subject in an academic library, or via Google Scholar?