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What are the motives of making and sharing documentation of DIY Projects? Answered


I am building a documentation system specially for fab labs. I have noticed that some fab lab users do not wish to make documentation of their projects because they think "there is no reader". Guys, Can you share your thoughts on why you post instructables here? For personal interest? For wider project viewers?




5 years ago

I like that people post for one reason... I'm a great problem solver, but as far as original ideas or imagination, I'm severely lacking. So for me it's great to see ideas and projects that I would never think to do.

If I picked what I thought was the single most important contribution to the ascent of all mankind,no question. The exchange of knowledge....

Are you constructing competition to Thingiverse? If not, what makes your idea different from theirs? If so, what makes your idea different from theirs?

No really, in fact we might just create a Thingiverse iPad app :)

A similar question was asked a while back in Q&A which might help:  https://www.instructables.com/answers/Why-do-people-post-instructables/

I post because I enjoy sharing my ideas, I like to see if others will copy, adapt or merge them into projects of their own.
It's also interesting to get feedback from other makers, I have been given a few good ideas by other members that I may or may not incorporate into future projects & offered a few thoughts of my own to others.

There is *always* a reader.

No project on instructables has zero views.

Even if no member of the site has expressed an interest in your idea, there are a lot of people out there who are typing every idle question into google, so that most visitors to Instructables arrive via a search engine.

Personally, I post because that audience exists. No matter what I post, there is an audience of some sort. People are attracted by the subject, brought in by the tags, or they read it simply because they're curious about my latest exploits.