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What are the pins called that you use to break out of a board? Answered

I plan on buying a board that does not have breakout pins. Instead of just soldering wires right onto it I wanted to solder on my own pin headers.

What are the pins called to buy them as individual items? I have only found them bundled with stuff. Granted I haven't searched long and hard, but I'm at work and I can't :(

I'm gather supplies and brainstorming my CNC project.



5 years ago

Your looking for header pins. Check spark fun. You will find them in strips that you can easily cut to the number of pins you need connected together.


Reply 5 years ago

Thanks that helps me! I was going to get an Easy Driver for steppers (actually 3) from sparkfun but then I saw that Newegg has them for less than half price.. I like supporting the little guys but I mean.. ouch.

Thanks for the help! I'll try to remember to document my effort and make my second instructible!