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What are the pros and cons of using Skimlinks (redirectingat.com)? Answered

After reading what the company says about itself, I am interested in
  • what customers have to say about its ease of use and profitability, and
  • whether it is worthwhile for viewers to have Proxomitron or Greasemonkey erase references to skimlinks.js

(I'll put one item in the "cons" myself. The web filter at this community college marked it as a high threat and "web security violation". But that may simply be an overzealous response by Trend Micro.)



9 years ago

I dont know why - but they look REALLY REALLY shady to me.


Answer 9 years ago

Hi Frollard and author of this post, Thanks for raising this post - we always welcome feedback and questions. Although of course I would be saying this, we are completely not shady. Do a search on us and see the many high-profile clients we have, the retailers that love working with us, and the positive press we have received. We also speak at all the affiliate conferences around the world about the ethics of affiliate marketing, and how to do it in a way that doesn't affect editorial integrity and quality. We work actively to ensure what we do helps all parties: it helps websites earn a revenue stream easily, which helps them survive. We help retailers generate new revenues, and we help users by ensuring their favourite sites stay afloat, in a way that doesn't require a huge amount of annoying banner ads. We encourage disclosure, and don't allow sites into our program that aren't high quality. In response to the original authors question - the issue you picked up about Trend Micro is known, and yes, they are overzealous. The reason they have flagged our service is because some of the retailers we work with have been flagged, and because we work with them, we have been branded with the same brush even though we have done nothing wrong. We are talking with them to overcome this. Please feel free to ask us any questions. For what it is worth, we have designed Skimlinks as a way to help websites generate a necessary revenue stream, without relying on banner ads, so removing the script via Greasemonkey won't change any of the site, but doesn't help the sites you visit be rewarded if they help generate a sale - I advocate ethics in online marketing, and we as users also have an ethical responsibility towards sites that we visit, IMHO. :) Kind regards, Alicia Navarro CEO - Skimlinks.com