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What are the rockets made out of? Home many motors per rocket can I use? Answered



Unless you really know what you're doing, metal and PVC casings for rocket motors are probably a bad idea. Really bad. PVC and most metals shatter if overpressurized. Bits of metal and shards of hard plastic flying about at high velocities are a serious health hazard. I know personally of an individual who had to be airlifted to a hospital from a PVC incident.

Aluminum casings are used for commercial high-power motors, but they must be sized correctly and machined. Paper casings are safest and easily made.

http://www.jamesyawn.com is well written and should be read carefully by the budding rocket scientist.

Oh... and get your parents involved. Trying to do this without their knowledge or help can be hazardous to your future.


The instructable tells you what they are made out of - read it again. It also says "THIS IS NOT A ROCKET. This is an experimental rocket MOTOR" - it has not been shown to be effective (yet)

Since the author is still active, you could post a comment on the Instructable or PM them.