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What are the specific food to gain some weigh? Answered

I would like to know what kind of food and how often to eat in order to gain some weigh (5 Kg) in 2 or 3 months.



6 years ago

Increase your protein intake, I would also recommend stuff from Max Muscle. Lift some weights. If you just want to gain fat, eat anything and everything.

first many of my elderly ladies and gents need to gain weight or hospital it is;( second, there are people out there that look like a clotheshanger in nice clothes,then to the answers.Eat what you most fancy, a little and often, losing your appetite, trying to eat the "right" stuff, will not help.any chemist will sell you a powder that can be mixed in with virtually anything, it is the stuff hospitals use to build up patients before a necessary or gruelling op or treatment such as cancer patient.There are also flavoured drinks, and complan.i like stout. its sweeter than guiness:)and works.loss of appetiteor weight is a symptom so also see doc.!!!! it could be anything from stress , to depression, to something far more serious that needs early diagnosis.And good luck to you, i wish you well.


9 years ago

What kind of weight? Ex. Fat, water, brain matter, etc.

Can I ask you why do you need it? Most people want to lose weight. If you really want to do this, just go to McDonald's everyday. But if you want to go healthy, eat some meat and fat as often as you can, but especially in the evening, before going to bed. During the night, all the fat will deposit. In the morning, it's important to eat calories, for example cereals, to have enough energy for the day and not to waste the fat.

Anything - just eat lots of it, and do no exercise.

And don't forget to check your health insurance covers heart disease, diabetes, angina...