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What are the specifications for the particular IR LED used in Comcast universal remote control? Answered

I'm sourcing IR LED's from old remotes and need the specs in order to determine the apropriate resistors for reintegration. If anyone knows a good way to test the individual LEDs that would be great i can't find any data sheets on these remotes.



6 years ago

Use a DMM that has a diode test setting. That will give you the forward voltage of the LED but you'll have to guess the amperage. 20mA would be a good starting point. If they don't light or are too bright then used a different sized resistor.

Other then that break out a 3v-5V power source and start plugging in different sized resistors till you see it light. Start big and work your way down. 200 ohms should be a good starting point. If the LEDs had a filter in front of them when they where in the remote then be sure to use that when trying to see the LEDs through your camera.