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What are the specs on this ancient RAM? Answered

 I would like to replace the two 64 MB modules in an ancient computer with two 256MB modules.

Unfortunately, Linux was unable to report a manufacturer or model for the motherboard (only that it has a 950Mhz Duron and mostly SiS onboard components.) Even that report is suspect, as it said there are four memory slots when in fact there are two.

So, take a look at this photo of three sticks of memory which worked successfully in the machine. What exactly are their specifications?

Then, look at the specifications in this Ebay ad.  Is it fully compatible (assuming the computer can handle 512MB)?

Update: Apparently the seller who I originally linked to is a scammer. I'll reference a more legit looking Ebay seller instead.


Check your PM ;¬)

 Thank you for the replies. 

I did look at NewEgg, RelaxedSoup, but the shipped price of two sticks of what you suggested would be $41, compared to the $10 shipped price of the Ebay ones.

The reason I ask is because I'm not sure whether this motherboard will support high-density memory like these Mushkin or the unnamed Ebay sticks, nor whether it will support the voltage of 2.5V. I'm also uncertain of the ad, because I'm fairly that 2.5V SDR doesn't exist. (I could be wrong, but the questions of density and voltage compatibility remain.)

The slots in the boards are different in different voltage chips.  The slots look the same to me but I didn't take the time to count to find out exactly where they fall in relation to each other fwiu and it hasn't failed me on at least 25 computers is that if the memory fits into the mother board the voltage is right.

THose 2.6 v chips are often listed as 2.5 v chips to give just a little bit if insurance.

As previously stated, the RAM in the first picture is PC100 168-Pin SDRAM, and PC133 RAM in the ad should be backwards compatible. I took the opportunity to look on NewEgg for some RAM that matches those specs, and <a href="http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820146079">this RAM</a> should be compatible, it has the same specs (PC100 168-Pin). Assuming NewEgg is cheaper, my advice would be to go with them. Great customer service, return policy, etc. Good luck!<br />

The memory at the top of the picture is PC100.  The memory in the add is PC133 but SAYS it is backwardly compatible to PC100.  If if physically fits the machine then yes it should work.

Didn't see any inconsistency in the ad's specifications.  But I didn't look too hard it's the end of my day and the ad is kinda long winded.  I'm no surprised that there might be a mistake or two.