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What are the steps to downgrading my Vista Computer to an XP? Answered

My programs are all lagging a lot with VIsta. I have an external hard drive so space is no problem. Thanks!


Assuming you have copies of XP, Vista, and all other programs that you're going to want to run (and being mindful that some versions of programs don't work with anything other than Vista), the process is simple: 1) Back up any files you wish to keep on your external (not programs) 2) Disconnect your external drive 3) format your computer 4) Install WindowsXP Good luck!

VISTA ? XP would be an up-grade

you might have driver problems so check the manufactures website for drivers before you do it

There's no real "downgrade" option comparable to the upgrade process. Back up your data, make a list of the programs you use, and boot the XP disc. Reformat the hard drive and install XP. Put your data back, reinstall your programs, you're done.