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What are the various uses of defunct printer? Answered

I have an old printer which has stopped working. What is the best way I can use the printer/spares from the printer. Resale will not fetch me any money.



It depends on the type of printer. If it's a large old workhorse (e.g., NEC P5) then you have some excellent hi-torque stepper motors that can be used for wind-turbine experimentation and keep your batteries charged without wall-warts. There are other sensors in printers that can be incorporated into home-built CNC systems. As you indicate that you're more artistic minded, strip the case and turn it into a planter. Actually, now that I think of it, I may try that myself! Platens, belts, and gears can all be used to decorative effect.

Tie-dye? Calligraphy ink? Paint? Fero-fluid (depends on type of ink)?

Thank you for your reply. Sounds interesting. What are Fero Fluids?

If you're electronically inclined, printers provide a good source for DC motors (particularly stepper motors)

Indeed - Stepper Motors, Belts, steel rods, gears and paper-handling wheels. The PCB's have some cool components for scavenging. A few led's here and there...buttons . non-componental use: Paperweight, anchor, chain-flail weapon.

Thanks you so much for your reply. Appreciate your ideas. Let me see what best I can make out and will try and post them.

hehe, might make a good boat anchor :-P

Thanks a ton for your reply. I am more of an artist. not very electronically inclined. thanks for taking time out to comment