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What are these devices consisting of audio jack and LED(s) OR IR-transistors OR similar looking parts? Answered

I was cleaning in the office I work in and found these two devices on the picture. Now I'm curious what are these for as I couldn't derive the purpose from the looks.

One of them has a mono 3.5mm audio jack and two LEDs or similar looking parts - 5mm round transparent things. One side of the enclosure around each "LED" has a sticky tape. If they would be attached to something then the "LED" would face 45 degrees from the surface.

The other has a stereo 2.5 mm audio jack and one dark IR-reciver-like thing in a small round enclosure. The enclosure has two small holes on the other side, but I'm not sure if they are important.

I tried the one with two "LED"-s in a headphone socket but nothing happened.


The one on the right is an IR receiver and looks just like ones that come with Video Capture cards for PCs.

The other 2 i likely IR emitters which will come with high end stereo and control systems that are able to control other devices like DVD players or satellite/cable boxes. Those emitters are generally mounted in front of the receiver of the device they are going to control. They are made to be right up against a receiver so they may not show bright enough to see through an IR camera.

I have them for a media center PC. They all send out the signal, i think the one on the right is two-way. They are also used for when you have all of your TV/AV equipment out of line of sight. I have also used them with a couple AA's to mess up peoples pictures... They look everywhere for a light that shows up on their camera...

No the one on the right is not a 2 way anything. You can't get a single part like that which can be an IR emitter and an IR receiver. You can get packages that have both an emitter and receiver but that isn't one of them. Plus a package like that would have no less then 4 contacts. A positive contact for the receiver and one for the emitter. Then you would have a common ground and a signal wire for the receiver. That has only 3 contacts on it. One for + voltage, one for ground and one is the signal wire.

that is true, but i do have one that sends and receives, they are rare and don't work that well, in fact it rarely works at all. Sending its fine, but if you try to send and receive at the same time, it mixes the signals and messes up.

Hey I was curious to know if you ever figured out what those items were actually used as/for, I stumbled across this posting as I was trying to figure out the same thing. I realize that I am taking a shot in the dark here, being your post is 4yrs. old, lol- But I am clueless as what these items could be also. I found mine in a box of misc. wires at a thrift store, I like to tinker or create odd ways to make things work, or I should say usually "not" work. LoL- Thank you in advance to you and to anyone that can help,.

led lights.jpg

I have almost the exact same ones ViolentaniousA. My only clue so far has been this little sticker that says IR.


can someone please dumb this down for me what the one on the left is for? my boyfriend was given some of these light looking things with a printer and we just wanna know what it's for.