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What are these flexible moldable metal coils called and where do I get them? Answered

Hello guys,

I am doing a project for a laser show and I need something flexible and moldable to holdup the lasers in a specific positions.

I am looking for something like a flexible tube. Something like this.


You see that phone holder attached to that metal bendable and moldable coil thing? I need that.

I need to know what they're called and where I can find them, and hopefully in different lengths and thicknesses.




Best Answer 7 years ago

Google for "flexible gooseneck tubing"

You can get it in chrome, black or multi-color plastic coatings, in various lengths.

aaaa Gooseneck.

Thank you good sir

can you "gut" the tubing so wires can be fed through it?

I would also like to find a source of this small diameter (1/8"-1/4") flexible gooseneck tubing for a mini microphone mounting application, but it is hard to find in small quantities.

If you don't need it to be hollow, aluminum 'armature' wire makes a good material for flexible arms. Armature wire is used by sculptors to build a frame to strengthen clay sculptures (think about sculpting a horse). It can be found at some art supply stores and comes in a variety of diameters.

Here is one online supplier: 


Heat shrink tubing, aquarium air tubing or other flexible tubing can be used to cover the aluminum. For example, many of the suction cup flexible gps/phone/gadget mounts used in cars have a very heavy gauge aluminum wire inside a black plastic corrugated tube.

Finally, Heavy gauge (12 ga or lower) solid copper electrical wire can also work for light applications. This has the advantage of solder as a connection option, since solder adheres well to copper (aluminum, not so much).

No actually I don't want the stand, I'm only looking for the flexible tube or pipe that its hooked up to.

Working backwards from the links you gave, you can get them fromhere.

You may also want to consider one of the Gorillapod range.