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What are these made of? Answered

im thinking of a nice project to make, but i need to know how one thing is made... i guess you all know the cheap ligths that work with LEDs and have long fibers so that it looks like many small light points... i know, its not the best description, i guess ill look for a pic.
by the way, do the pics have to be hosted anywhere or can they be hosted on this server?
heres a link, lets see if you know what i mean..
what i want to know is if that is glass fiber or anything like that, and if it is, where can i get it for cheap?? and if anybody knows where to get them in spain, that would totally rock :)
thx guys!


It's fiber optics ;) Those store bought guys are made of a plastic (acrylic maybe?) ;) Not sure where to get it -- but try searching google for optical fiber ;)

yea, i also think they are made out of some plastic... somehow optical fiber sounds too high tech for what i wanna make ;) thx, trebuchet!


11 years ago

You can think of there as being two types of fiber optics. On the one hand, you have the cable aimed at computer networking and such. Typically glass fiber, optimized for infrared, very efficient, and very fine. Despite the efficiency, you can't gte all that much light through it because of the small diameter. The other type is made of plastic, is less efficient, and is used for assorted types of decorative lighting. Diameters up to several mm are available. This is what you want for illuminating tiny models and such. Alas, my favorite dealer seems to have dissappeared, but a similar representitive is here: Fiber Optic Products eBay store

For small projects, you're probably better off buying a cheap fiber optic wand toy and extracting the fiber...

I believe you could use just normal fiber optic cable. if you can get a hold of some old fiber patch cords for networking and strip the plastic off the outside, you will find a small bundle of fibers like this. Holding one end over a light source lights them up. check with your local computer shops, or any friends in the computer biz. they may be able to hook you up.