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What are these parts and what are they used for? Answered

I just got a couple of old computers, and while i was taking them apart, i found these pieces. Can someone tell me what they are and what they are used for?



Best Answer 6 years ago

1+2 = Heatsink. Whatever that was attached to makes heat, and also doesn't LIKE heat, so its important to dissipate it by increasing surface area (fins).

3 = Toroidal Inductor. Inductors have a lot of weird properties, but suffice it to say one of their main purposes is 'avoiding change', filtering, smoothing, etc.

You can totally do a search for both those terms, heatsink and inductor to learn more.

Inductors have very similar properties to capacitors....

Agreed. I didn't want to draw a comparison to something else which they might also not know what it is...