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What are these two things for? Answered

They are pieces of a video player from a DIY store (you know the little tv thingies playing commercials 24/7) I got when they moved part of the store out.

I want to make a dvd player out of it to hang in my dorm but I have a problem (well not a really big one but still). The dvd player has a side way hatch where you can plug an SD card and/or usb drive into. When you do that and the USB or SD contains a movie the player immediatly starts playing the movie when you plug it in.

But when you don't put in an SD card or USB drive you get a start menu with: photo camera (just an icon of a photo camera nothing stating camera), music, photo + music, movie, setup, calendar, clock, alarm, auto-power, edit, favorite

But I can't select anything in this menu because I don't see any buttons! Also this is not a touch screen (I checked)

So my question is, what are these things for, if they are the buttons how do they work and if not where would the buttons be?




Best Answer 8 years ago

The object on the right is a standard Infra red receiver for a remote control

Possibly the left hand object is a sounder or an untra sonic receiver.


Answer 8 years ago

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That actually sound very reasonable, can't imagine why I didn't come up with that answer. I think I was just so convinced that was everything they gave me and not thinking there could be a remote. Unfortunatly I don't have it and I guess the remote is either thrown out or was never there in the first place. Do you think a universal tv remote would work on this device?


8 years ago

. My guess is that the buttons for setting the unit up (as well as for doing everything else) are only on the remote control in order to keep customers from changing things. . The first thing I thought of when I saw the seven-hole pattern was that it was for a speaker of some sort. rickharris' guess of an ultrasonic transducer sounds reasonable.

Jack A LopezNachoMahma

Answer 8 years ago

To me the white thing looks like it might be a lens for a PIR sensor. Compare to the pictures here:

I'm guessing the reason it is there is so this thingy can start up an advertisement when it senses someone is nearby, and conversely it can go to sleep when it senses no one is around.