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What are these used for? I found these "Scissors that don't cut anything" in a grab bag at Goodwill. Answered

Hi everybody! I found these scissors in a grab bag at goodwill, but they don't really cut anything. They just kind of dent it. There is a sort of blade on one side, but on the other side there is just a groove in the plastic. I went and tried to google everything I could think of today, but I didn't find anything similar. I also took them to my local craft store and they didn't know either. Anyone have any ideas? My best guess is that maybe you could use them for bending wire edged ribbon, or possibly for some flower arranging purpose. The serrated edge on the top is kind of sharp, so I suppose you could saw something(stems) with it, and maybe strip the leaves from stems with the strange hex hole in the middle, however it is plastic, so I am not sure that it would hold up very well. Anyone have any ideas?


- they look like those found at a blood bank. after you've donated blood this tool strips the blood towards the collection bag, the picture and the dis cription fit-- see what you can make of it.

I've asked a nurse and a person who used to work at a blood bank, and neither one of them recognized them. So far though yours is the only answer I've gotten that makes sense. I will try and take them by the local blood bank and ask. Thank you for answering!

I finally found a pair of these at the dollar store.  They are cheap floral scissors.  Thank you everybody for answering!

I'm not really sure but they look a little like bandage shears. I could be totally wrong but I had an all metal pair that looked similar and the hospital always had several plastic pairs that looked similar to that too!

I'm with Cheshirita on this one. They veyr much like they're for medical adhesive tape.

They looklike childrens toy scissors that cut azig zag edge But the Black bit and the Oval bit looks odd so i could be wrong