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What are these! Answered

What are these pieces! i have hundreds of them! what are they for.


I believe the chain hooks onto them.........*scrambles upstairs to check*............they fit perfectly in between the chain links and 1 chain hook can attach to them but other than for rollercoasters I would rather have yellow connectors instead.

well, if you have some of these, but no roller coaster track , can you make a demo on how to make a roller coaster using these and no track>

i got em in a bin set too, idk why

there track pieces. they are used in some sets like the original knex coaster.

And why do they come in normal tubs? Like two of them in a red tub.

well, they can be used for other things, and it could just be a mistake they got put in there.

I found no use for them so far. Plus my friend and I both got a bucket with two in them. Also we had buckets made at different times most likely as we each had different colored pieces so they both wern't flukes.

may i see some pics, cause if thier valubal, oops, ive been just snapping the top off and using as a yellow.