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What are those bearings that slide over pipes callef.? Answered

I need to slide something purpindicular to a pipe without wiggle. I have seen bearing things that the pipe goes through and the pipe moves with eaze. I just need to know where i can find them


I once worked with Dynapert (tm) pick and place machines. The pick-up head slammed back and forth driven by the fact that the shaft that it slides on was rotating. The head connected to the shaft by a couple of sets of bearings clamped onto it. This was called a rholix drive. It worked like magic - very precise and no backlash.

Recirculating ball linear bearings ? They're the best. Oilite bushes also work, with slightly more free play. In both cases though the shaft they slide on has to be very parallel.

those look like they will work but do you know where i can get them for a reasonable price. i need a few. also are these what you are talking about, because this is what i need.


As always, it depends where you are. I got a good deal and good service from a company in the UK called

You'll have to lay down some figure for acceptable wiggle. Oilite bushes on ground shafts will work well for all but the highest precision work