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What are those little poppers that you get from the arcade called? Answered

They have the thin white paper around them, and i think they have some sort of powder in them... i was just wondering what they're called to find out how to make then.



8 years ago

I think they use potassium chlorate and silver fulminate. They're known as snappers, pop-its, and many other names.

I've never seen them at, or gotten them from, an arcade. When I was a kid, we got them when we bought a big box of fireworks. They're called snap'n'pops.

If I recall correctly, they contain an unstable iodine salt, I *think Nitrogen tri-iodide. I've seen recipes on the net, but not in a very, very long time, whether just from the commercial clutter hiding them or Homeland security idk... If you go down that road, be extremely cautious. This is not something you should be casually cooking up in your kitchen, but in a lab environment with all proper safety precautions in place. Further, you may run into legal problems, should the authorities find you making this stuff. I'd research it carefully before mfg-ing If you don't have a background in Chemistry and proper tools and working environment, I'd leave it to the professionals and just buy them pre packaged. Please don't take my comments as an admonishment, just words of caution. I really don't want to be responsible, morally or otherwise, for someone blowing off a chunk of their hand or face... or worse. Did I say VERY unstable? (why do you think they blow just by striking the ground?)