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What are you currently MAKE'ing? Answered

Thought I would break the ice with an obvious. I just thought of this an hour ago, and haven't had a chance to work on it. I want to take out the huge antenna on my cell phone and just wind a coil around in my phone's case. Shouldn't be hard. (The "MAKE" is MAKE an antenna that fits inside your phone.)



11 years ago

Make a cheap flamethrower for about two bucks. Buy a can of hairspray ($1 at the dollar store). Scrounge or buy a birthday candle. Tape the candle to the side of the can of hairspray so when you press the nozzle it squirts aerosol into the flame. Light the candle. Voila--an instant flamethrower for cheap.

Try using a super soaker filled with WD-40 (Im sure youve seen it) I believe you can make one for less than $20 It will look better and work better

Hah!! In college, our dorm room was so infested with giant Texas roaches that my old lady and I ALWAYS kept these handy. Used Zippo's so you could keep the igniter flame ready for instant action. Burned my eyebrows clean one day because "Gigantor" (the one we never could see to get) was on the wall next me. I grab my can, and so did my roomie. Instantly, the roach flew at my face while both the roomy and I were trying to spray it!

Now I'm making some new audio splitter and I'm just collecting the parts. Any ideas about some cool nice looking case will be welcome.

im working on moding a strong led light (the perfect light, http://www.resurgentsoftware.com/perfect_led_light.html) design for spelunking to be used in diving applications, it will be a canister style dive light, i have most of the issues worked out, i was just wonder about a couple of things if anybody has some advice.
im not that good electronically, and would like to use a perminate battery that would be rechargable, the local junk store has a bunch of unused, discontinued cell phone lithium ion batteries i want to make a battery pack out of, the problem is i dont know if there are technicalities to adding a recharging port to this, i assume it would be in finding the right restrictors as to not overload the batteries with too much current,
secondly i am looking at rubber boots for the switches, and so far am limited to buying them directly from the supplier (hopefully in small "sample") amounts, but does anybody have a hint for underwater switches, or know if there is something i could pillage these switches from, nothing is comming to my mind yet,
thanks for any hints

Cool. I have a bit of experience with underwater lighting and the punishment that a cave can dish out on your stuff. (still finding mud in places it shouldn't be) How 'bout a magnetic switch inside the case and a sliding magnet on the outside. That way water/mud is not a problem. No penetration of the case!

You must design a charging circuit that will stop charging when the batteries are full. You can search Google for circuit designs for this. Try: +circuit +charging +cutoff or something similar.

As it happens, a charging circuit is most likely unneccesary. Most Li batteries for cell phones come with a charging circuit built into the battery, as opposed to it being included in the phone. Supply the right current and voltage, and you shouldn't have a problem.

I am trying to push WiFi about 1500 ft through dense woods with no electricity. I will need to battery everything. I can get about 1/3 the way with Yagi ant. so I am going to put another AP with 2 yagi ant. at that point and bump the signal up to continue the treck. Final result would be WiFi to the canoe! (really just want it for internet radio at my dock)

i am making a roll top bread-box with a plexy front, but the plexyglass keeps chipping on the edges, any ideas?

I know plexy would look cool but, bread should be stored in a dark cool place. Light = mold. Dark will make the bread last a day or two longer. Try somthing other than plexy.

Try Lexan, last year we used plexi for a robot, and it all shattered in shipping. Lexan is much better, but a little more expensive.


11 years ago

Making a mortising gauge with a dedicated arm for each chisel. Turning out to be a lot more metal working than I'd anticipated.

I just got access to a waterjet, and I am trying to get some ideas on some cool projects that I can cut. Any ideas?

I use a program called bobart to convert pictures to cad drawings. I have designed a clockwork orange poster frame with the character silhoutte hanging from the bottom. I also have a design of my house with the windows cutout to use as a picture frame.


11 years ago

I just finished my BatteryBot. It's a little robot like toy with LED arms that I came up with. Just finished posting it and saw this group and thought I'd join.

Well, I am building a cafe seat for my little honda scrambler. Wood and bondo male being used to make a fiberglass female to make a final carbonfiber male mold. To get the outer surface as nice a possible. Will have a brief instructable on that soon. Besides that, I am building an all in one top rack for my forester. Need to transport all the toys somehow without spending all my $$. More to come. fun fun. -ab

Hey guys. I'm working on an automatic flamethrower. I'm having trouble with the ignition stage, and if anyone has any ideas that would be great. I starting off trying to use a servo to push down on a peizo electric BBQ lighter - but the force required is too much for a standard servo. I can't find any cheap and safe coils to create a spark across a spark plug. My solution, which works but is non-permanent and a bit fiddly, uses a disposable camera flash to create a high voltage, then two wires soldered to the flash tube are touched together. The wires are brought together automatically by a servo. I'd really like to take the servo out of the equation - the arms holding the wire tend to shift over time. if anyone has any ideas on how to make a spark at a timed interval that would be awesome.

An allways lit pilot light is what the pros use no? say a lighter like a zippo, how long would the feul last? I think this is safest , as you don't want an accident spill of a large amount of fuel to all of a sudden be ignited.

Yeah that's not a bad idea. I guess when I started the project I was looking for something that I could leave for days on end, and I thought a zippo would be too prone to going out over that time period. Now I'm thinking of a more short term use (like 30 mins) so a permanent pilot may be the way to go. It's been fun playing around with electric sparks though!

why stuck on electric? attach a flint sparkwheel (like any cheap lighter or, better, one of these old sparky guns) to a regular motor and spark away...

they use a spark generator(like that?)under the NASA spacecraft for 10 second before takeoff, too make sure the flame doesn't accidentaly go out.

thats cool idea! I like it, only factor there is that the spark temperate has to be able to ignite the fuel. Some fuels need a big kick to get going.

I don't know if you've overcome your igniter problem, but RV furnaces have a multispark igniter that runs off 12VDC.

depending on what you are making the hull of the gun out of you could drill holes and attach small bolts (as small as you can find), align them where the ends will be close enough together to create the spark.You said you already were using an igniter from a BBQ right? just hook the wires to each of the bolts.

yeah but howe do you push the button that makes the spark? a regular servo doesn't have enough torque

fine steel wool,2 wires, 9 volt battery. Ignites anything. Mike D NJ

I actually don't think it would... I tried heating up nitrile wire (i.e. my foam hot wire cutter) and it wouldn't ignite the spray

A stun gun will create nice (and somewhat continuous) sparks. The circuit is simple enough that you can probably duplicate it on a slightly smaller scale.

you can use a small piece of steel wool (fine) insert 2 wires of 24ga. or thicker and a small 9 volt battery. The steel wool burns up igniting what ever you want. Mike D NJ

Take the guts out of one of those elctrified misquito rackets and just press the button when you want it to spark. And don't touch the wires, they hurt a lot.

U can use a ignition coil / relay setup... That creates contious spark, using a car spark plug....

what's your budget here? can you affford a $5 junkyardHHH auto recycling center ignition coil?

Is there a tutorial on the markup language used?

I've just discovered that a caret makes text following it superscript. An additional caret (that thing above the "6") makes it drop down to normal level.


So is there a help page? Why is there no "comment help" on the comment submission form? How would we escape this feature/EASTER EEG?

I wonder if there is a thing for subscript?


Does an escape character work?


Make'ing a R/C Webcam :P.My homemade remote for the r/c with solder today,so was the r/c and the motor.Working on the webcam

I'm working on a digital (combo) lock for a computer using a Non-matrix push-button keypad, D Flip-Flops, and a relay (SPDT), (among other things). I'm gonna have the relay wired to the computer power supply and once you enter the correct combo on the keypad an LED will Breifly indicate that the combo is correct and then the relay will activate allowing you to turn the computer on.

Nice. What is better is getting one of those key-switches from somewhere like RadioCrap or the internet, and wiring that up ;-)

The blog of deathbladeI too have a flamethrower in the works along with a rocket pistol, and the ever fun golfball cannon. The problem is I am indecision man, I need someone to make a decision for me so I make a blog and put up a poll with some weekly project, So come along and vote!
The blog of deathblade



11 years ago

Several projects on the bench at the moment. 1) A cigar box guitar (16.4 inch string scale and 4 strings) 2) A 5 Watt tube amp based on a 1950's amplified speaker I got at a yard sale. 3) An audio USB recording device 4) Hacking the Wii gift card into a WiiPod. :)

im make'ing a lugebord i would have posted it by now but my pictures got lost. like they do.


11 years ago

I'm working on a sweater with sewn in speakers. its my first "soft" electronics project. I might intergrate the teddy bear remote into the sleaves.

teddy bear remote

If anyone has speaker knowledge, that would be great, i think i need to have a speaker "box" because the speakers seem quieter when they are on their own. What kind of size/design can i use?

I'm also making halloween lights.


11 years ago

Right now im working on making a very nice looking whiteboard animation for my schools film fest. (Thanks Leevonk! Awesome Idea) and im also trying to get my DS Homebrew up and running, not to mention my "Portable Sound Effects Generator (on the go)"

glad I could help dude

Coil gun for intro to design class im taking for fun (its a physics class for non math majors...im socy & crim)