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What are you going to be for Halloween? Answered

So what are you going to be for Halloween (as in what costume are you wearing.)
Also what are you going to do for Halloween, are you going to stay at you house and give out candy, scare little kids, or go trick or treat with your friends?

I am going to go trick or treating with my friends
I have also come up with a costume design which is a transformer costume that actually transforms! Unlike the costly imitation costumes at the store.

Here are some pictures of it but it is not quite done yet.
Also i was wondering if anyone would like to see an instructable on how to make this kind of costume?

Its kind of like this but not as good:

Please comment!!!


That reminds me, a few years back, I had to have my front upper teeth removed (Dental problems caused by a dentist) between the two canine. Well, while I waited for my partial plate to be made, I had a golden opertunity to smile and lower "real" fangs over my lower lip. I only did this to the more arrogant ones (which was only a few) that made some ignorant comments about "killing" me, etc. (those dressed as Jason, etc. ). It was a hoot though the few times I got to do it.

Last year I dressed up as a scarecrow and slumped up against the the door. When someone came by I did the following" (a, jerk violently (b, grab them (c, get up and chase them. It's surprising how many people got spooked, they assumed I was an inanimate decoration that didn't even took scary. To see me jerk and stand up out of the corner of there eye scared badly. Sure was better then a bag full of tootsie rolls. I might do it this year.

People will remember the slumped scarecrow. This year, make yourself a big wooden T shape to hang from like a proper scarecrow - if people don't come to the door, you can slowly turn your head to watch them pass.....creepy.

Try and make your scarecrow look like this.

REALLY creepy! Yea, Last year I thought of it the day before so I didn't have much time for a costume. I scared a kid so badly that he punched me. It did't hurt because he was little, but it was funny. About halfway through the night a kid who I scared stayed at the end of our driveway and told everyone that passed the surprise. Kinda ruined it for everyone. Your idea sounds fun, I could even hide a camera to watch it later.

An employee.....and at work ( second shift LOL ).

I will probably go around wearing my keikogi (sort of like a kimono top but is used for kendo most commonly so it won't keep coming undone the difference being a string tied across the chest sewn about half way) , hakama (japanese swordsman pants but mine are more of the drummer type because they have leg ties), I will make some geta out of aluminum since my old steel geta aren't suited for long periods of walking you can see them at my putfile


10 years ago

Well..... I could go as Boba Fett again since some other people at work are doing Star Wars costumes this year. I'm also thinking about making a Rocketeer costume- got it all sketched out and I've always wanted to do it. The other option woud be a Battlestar Galactica crew member, which is pretty simple to do. My really killer costume -Stargate Horus- won't be ready in time. I might get the animatronic head done though....

I think I'm probably going to be a Little Miss Tammy Smith groupie. Which basically means that I'll dress really crazy and look like white trash, yeehaw!

Little Miss Tammy Smith

But seriously, that woman is my hero. No one puts on a show like she does. :D

You have so got to post pictures of that costume!

Oh, most definitely. The best part is I'll be doing it with my friend Laura, so it will be double the white trash fun! I might even be her Native American sidekick. That would be ever better. :D


10 years ago

im gonna stay home and shoot litle kids with my airsoft gun that comes at my house (im only 13 aso techincaly i dont get sued) cuz my room is like right infround of the door or i can go to my brothers room and shoot from there on kids outside the street (spring gun and ill be in all black with all lights out so no one can see me now muahahahahaha m(serious note i will not shoot them in the face only let/arm/torso

No, you won't get sued, just arrested..and your parents will be sued.

true true but if they dont know ehehe (i mean the kids) da** i just remembered they walk with parrents...

I'm having a party..gonna be King Leonidas.

I usually throw on the same mask that I have been using for the past 5 years. An old man. I make my decision as I walk out the door to go to my friend's house.

Me and a bunch of my freinds are going as dead (a few still living) presidents, I'm planing on being Abe Lincoln. But as most ideas like this end up, we run out of time then just grab a mask and get some free candy.

Working on my own take of Green Goblin (traditional pumpkin bombs -- need to write up the instructable on this...; and a twist on the classic suit--combining elements of the classic costume, hobgoblin, and the body armor of Ramos' design {if I can get off my duff and start crafting it from insulating foam} with handsewn bags and belts, gloves and the whole lot. ...I'll let ya know how bad it went a few years from now...

Since the 31st is actually Cub night, we're having a fancy-dress party. My outfit(s) is(are) currently a) secret and b) not made yet, but a fellow leader doesn't approve of Hallowe'en on religious grounds, so he's coming as a hippy. I'm not sure he saw that as amusing as I did.


10 years ago

it will come out in my instructable for it ;)

HEY! I was asking if anyone wanted to see MY instructable on it!!!

im going to be santa clause and hand out candy from a big burlap sack. next year im going to be abe lincoln. after that i was thinking the easter bunny. the thing i haven't decided yet with santa is do i want to scare the kids for the rest of thier life... if so im wearing a mask. i have to find a santa costume though hopefully i will have some money by halloween and can find one. otherwise all those years are being shifted forward one.

ive always wanted to go as V from V for Vendetta or ironman (but with a actual costume not those stupid party city ones) but the costumes are really expensive, for good ones at least....last year i dressed up as a emo and went to school like that...i was scaring everyone there

ill probably be a teenager with a sack of candy