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What are your favorite online translators? Answered

There are a lot of translators online. What are your favorites? 


My Favorite online translator is quicktranscriptionservice which provides best and good quality service within the due date. For reference Please visit here -


This page provides free online translation between a number of different languages. Such translations generally enable you to understand a piece of foreign text, but are rarely accurate or reliable and are no substitute for a human translator.


8 months ago

These days I am testing DeepL translator, and it seems quite efficient!


If it were not 2017 than something other than Google Translator might had a chance. But now, no matter how bad it is, everybody is using it.

Google Translate works best for me. They have improved its accuracy.


2 years ago

Yeah I think GoogleTranslate is The best!

i love Spanishdictionary.com i use it for my homework all the time

none because I think they don't translate it well at all! :(

Translate.google.com, never used any other translater online

I would like something that can translate Gobbledgook to plain English. I have to deal with a lot of it in my job. Ive seen a Gobbledgook generator


I want the oppisite of that

Gobbledygook in English

writing which uses complex
phrases, fancy words and vague bureaucratic jargon

I'm using google translator because it's too easy too use & it's translate every language to understandable language....Best translator ever...

Saying Google translate is the best translator is like saying Pizza Hut does the best pizza! I hate to say this but Google translate is not a 'translator' in any conventional sense, it's really a sophisticated multi-language dictionary, wordref.com is the best for 'real' translations. In my not so humble opinion.

babel fish was the best time ago, now is google translate.
But online translators, don't translate it very well, they give a rough translation.
For words and set phrases I use http://www.wordreference.com and it have a good helping forum

http://www.wordreference.com is only for words. For simple sentences, google translate or babelfish is good.

Not strictly true, at wordreference.com you can translate phrases, I just did it with 'Once upon a time' (Il était une fois, había una vez, c'era una volta, etc.) and there are forums where you can research or pose questions answered by other users, so it's much better than google translate if you are interested in a 'serious' translation.

google translate rules .. if you need to understand for what is talked about but for more sucks.

Like Bing Translator

google translate if you need to understand what is about. But not to translate ans send to somebody or to make a post. At least what I try (translation in language I speak and I found that is almost word by word) but for few others was almost fine.

I use google translator,too.

My favorite online translator is Google translator. It translates text as well as web pages. Google translator is fast and nice.
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OK, google might be the biggest, but to translate from Dutch to German or vice versa . . . To put it mildly, das stinkt ! To me thats only good to check for spelling, still it's a work in progress, so nevertheless, I do like google translate, because it also makes Latin translations possible, which is quite handy for understanding the history of science.

As a tip:
If you are not sure that the translated text is what you meant, open a second tab and use that to translate back to the original language by cut and past, by doing this back and forth a few times, while making small changes, you can get very close to a result that doesn't change much any more.


google translator and

Man, google translate is the best!  but you can use nicetranslator.com is very good too.

Fazer Facebook

google translate is the best.

google translate

www.babelfish.yahoo.com is worth it purley for translations such as "also the battle incandesed and it was large prosperity"

i dont really like google because it changes alot but it can be funny. try this

type in "will justin bieber ever reach puberty?"

translate to Vietnamese

copy and paste into the box thing and translate back to english

is it true?


7 years ago

I use http://www.mobile-translator.net both on my laptop and my phone. I've always got reliable translations.

google is the best for the translation purpose , i like it a lot.

For German, Beolingus is a very helpful resource.

I would vote for google translate... I used to use babelfish but with Chrome as my browser it's really so easy... I know this isn't online translation but have a look at this really neat iPhone application using augmented reality to translate on the fly


7 years ago

I vote for google translate. nice options and yap, many problems

I generally rock Babelfish when it's one bit of text, Chrome automatically asks to translate webpages to Texan for me :D

This is a great one for Chinese!

I am still looking for a decent Latin translator, even though it is mainly a dead language.


7 years ago


fast and support lots of languages

Yes , google translate is fast and nice , also with many problems !